Dealing with a broken window in the winter

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Besides dealing with the fact that your home is less secure, you’ll also be dealing with adverse weather conditions and potentially losing the heat from within your home.  If left with this prospect for a period of time the heating costs can be very high.

It is important to deal with a broken window as soon as possible regardless of it being a broken glass or a window that just won’t close properly.  Dealing with broken glass is stressful especially if you have small children or pets.

glass-89068_640Let’s take a look at an easy solution for dealing with a broken window glass and how you can get things fixed quickly.

  1. Began by calling your local mobile glass repair specialist.  The sooner you are range for replacement glass the better so that you don’t have to worry about security and the weather outside.  Urgent window repair of Colorado Springs provides a fast and professional service.
  2. Now assess the mess before you begin the cleanup.  If the window is cracked it will be used unstable and this can be dangerous to special each if you have pets or children in the house.  So it is best to keep the kids and pets away from the window until it is replaced.  If the glass has shattered look around to see how far in which direction the glass has traveled.
  3. Regardless of how careful you are in the cleanup process shattered or broken glass can hurt you.  You should wear gloves while cleaning up the glass and scoop it into a dust pan or shovel to avoid touching it.
  4. While you’re waiting for urgent window repair of Colorado Springs to arrive you’ll need to secure the window.  To seal off the outside weather with a piece of plywood.  If you do not have a piece of plywood cardboard or even plastic will do.  Anything covering the window will provide at least a little protection from the outside weather.
  5. Disposing of the broken glass can be difficult.  Double or triple bag the broken glass and if possible wrapped in a newspaper or put into a box.  When glass shatters is notorious for going to everywhere.  To clean up any small shards of glass that you may have missed, run a vacuum in the entire room with a broken window or windows are.  Make sure to clean underneath the furniture and inspect the furniture itself.

Now your glass specialist should be on their way or have ordered a replacement glass so you don’t have to worry any further.

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